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                                    Appellate Practice                                                           

    In addition to representing clients at the trial level, the attorneys of the Law Offices of Edward H. Kerman, P.C. have over 54 years of experience in successfully prosecuting and defending appeals in the highest appellate courts of Maryland, Washington, D.C., New Mexico and numerous Federal and appellate Circuits around the United States.  Our Firm has prepared countless appellate briefs and petitions for certiorari, and answers thereto.


    Our robust appellate practice stems not only from cases that we have handled in the trial courts, but also from referrals from other trial attorneys who ask our Firm to represent their clients on appeal.  Referrals of this nature are the result of the reputation for excellence that this Firm has developed over many years of appellate practice.


    In all instances, before taking on an appeal our Firm undertakes an extensive review of the trial proceedings in order to determine the likelihood of success before the appellate courts.  This measure seeks to ensure that only appeals that are cost-effective and ultimately likely to be beneficial to our clients are undertaken.